How to apply for driver license in Australia

Driver license may not be necessary for a temporary visitor, specially for those who want to stay in Australia for less than three month. For oversea visitor, oversea driver license – original and translation copy, are eligible to driver in Australia. However, you can choose to get a temporary driver license. In that case, identify document such as passport, driver license and translation copy should be provided.

Since I will stay in Sydney for at least 3 years, I would like to apply for a driver license so that I can drive or go to the place where identity card are required by showing my driver license rather than showing a bunch of documents. So it is essential to me.

In Sydney, if I want to apply for an temporary driver license, I can go with the guide as following:

1. Have the oversea driver license translated. Free translating service is provided by government to those just moving in at first two years. In Hurstville, I can go to Navitas English Hurstville College.

Navitas English Hurstville College
Level 2
7-11 The Avenue
Hurstville NSW 2220, 02 9598 3800

2. Fill in the license application

3. Pass an eyesight test

4. Have my photo taken

5. Pass a knowledge test and driving test

visit to discuss my situation or call 13 22 13

Because I have been driving for more than three years, I can get an unrestricted license at $178, 5 years.

In addition, a NSW photo card can show your identity too. The fee is $52, 5 years, if you don’t have a driver license.